ROOFTECH creates 'Living Work of Art' with meticulous planning, professional design, installation and after care of your Green Walls !


Clarity & Coordination

ROOFTECH is an engineering company with Green Expertise. You experience the first hand difference right when you start your Living Wall procurement process. Each of our installations include detailed set of Shop Drawings, Elevation of ROOFTECH Modules in respect with architectural wall dimensions, detailed material calculations , specifying points of plumbing connections, stating MEP requirements, and highlighting scope to be carried out with client subcontractor and work that will be executed by us. In a nut shell, there is absolute clarity and coordination at site !

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Plant Selection

Correct Plant Selection is the single most important factor that guides success or failure of a living wall. ROOFTECH's years of botanical experience comes in handy when we meticulously examine the different lighting conditions, micro-climates, temperature, shadow patterns and potential growth rate to ensure correct species of plants are mounted on a the right spot of the wall. 

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Plant Composition

At ROOFTECH, we truly treat each project as a work of art, and as intense and diverse art is, so is any architect's or owner's initial vision with his/her Living Walls. After careful consideration of their inspiration, our detailed proposals and submittal documents include images, physical samples and a plant palette page with detailed descriptions of each plant to help our clients make an informed decision.


ROOFTECH provides one point source from manufacturing the Living Wall modules, Waterproorfing, Installation, Irrigation, Plants as well as After Care Maintenance.


Turn-key Installs. One Stop Shop.

ROOFTECH being a direct manufacturer of Living Wall modules offer a one stop solution provider for any vertical gardens. Right from strict quality control of using food grade plastic beads to manufacture modules, installation, irrigation, plantings as well as aftercare maintenance is handled by team of professionals to set us apart from any regular Nursery 'claiming' to offer vertical garden services. 

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Depending upon how plants are treated from seedlings, maturity, logistics, handling during installation and correct positioning will greatly affect health of plants in long run. ROOFTECH's professional installers handle plants with utmost care to reduce transplant shock with all safety standards followed.



Commissioning and Training are the final steps for any installations. Following to our each installation, we ensure that plant health is monitored with 'FREE MAINTENANCE' for One Month to adjust unique irrigation and lighting cycles for specific and unique micro-climate for each Living Wall. This ensure that each plant is getting optimum light, water and nutrients for their healthy growth. During this Free Training Month, our maintenance staff train clients, building management for ongoing maintenance and care of their installs. Client off-course has an option to sign up for our comprehensive Maintenance Package for complete peace of mind.


Like any other Natural Plants, Living Walls needs some Love and Maintenance !


Maintenance Schedule

Like any other natural plants, it is imperative that Living Walls are given due maintenance care for them to look vibrant troughout the year. Living Walls as the name suggest is an evolving installations and it's ongoing success relies on after care. Selection of plant composition, lighting conditions and irrigation system will decide the maintenance needs. 


Maintenance Package

Most of our systems are installed with completely automated bluetooth timer controls for clients to maintain water and nutrient cycles from their PDA devices. Ask us about our very reasonable Maintenance Care package. They are backed with Free Plant Mortality Warranty ! Let the professional handle your Living Walls for complete peace of mind!



One of the most important thing to be mindful about while designing Living Walls is their Access for Future Maintenance. Each site is unique and logistics available for access can be different from site to site. ROOFTECH with detailed consultation guides the client with their options they might need to provide access. This is specially important when we are installing Living Walls on more than 15 Feet height and in challenging site conditions.